Extruded Aluminum Router T-Slot Table Top 17.5" Wide by 24" long


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New Product, Hardened Aluminum 5/16" T-Slot Table Surface NOW WITH 2 T-SHAPED BOLTS and mounting hardware.

If You need a CUSTOM SIZE, Contact US. We can cut any length up to 12'

Don't settle for an ugly non-durable, non-functional particle board or MDF table top. Also don't settle for the common extrusions with the non standard Triangular slot that have a rough after installed finished surface, do not lock together like ours, leaving indipendent rough, non continuous surface, and are difficult to fasten. This is real 5/16" Actual T-slot Make your Machine Professional.

This table surfacing is made from hardened extruded aluminum t-slots and 2" channel pieces and possibly 1" x 3/4" angle aluminum, that will assemble on your table to form a 17.5" wide t-slot table, by 24". We can custom cut the length on special orders, please email us for a quote.

The picture shows a 24" wide table, not this table.

Advantages to this T-Slot table include durability, light weight, and if a piece should ever be damaged it is easily unscrewed, and slid out for replacement. If you have a particularly large project you can send us a request and we will get you a quote. All around it is a great solution for keeping your CNC Router projects stable, functional, and stationary, and looking good.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO MENTION THE DIFFERENCE OF WHAT WE OFFER VERSUS OUR COMPETITORS! Our extruded aluminum tables have a smooth finish to help ensure that your CNC machine has a level surface to work on...depending on the settings of your machine even the slightest inconsistency could throw off your machine's precision. More importantly we sell this product specifically for CNC purposes and the way it tongue-in grooves together is consistant and easily replacable...a lot of our competitors sell tables that don't snap or lock together the way ours does. Despite my best efforts I have not been able to find another product here on ebay that works the way this one does.

Again, the assembled unit measures 17.5" wide by 24" length. Shipped unassembled. Please contact us for international shipping.